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"Our security is our ability to change." John Lilly "If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude." Maya Angelou

Taking care
of you

Life's upheavals can get to all of us. Many times we focus on how our decisions may affect others but not ourselves. I'm here to help you stand firm in turbulence and be true to yourself.

Celeste's coaching
transforms lives

Experience breakthroughs that lead to challenge your thinking, resulting in remarkable changes in careers, relationships and quality of life.

Taking care
of your life issues

We all know how life can be challenging and hard. And that there’s no answer always to all the issues you may face. I’m here to help you.

Consultancy & Guidance

I aim to facilitate you in building mental and emotional resilience. I will share my secrets for transforming your life by adopting a winning mindset, setting achievable goals,  reclaiming lost confidence, boosting self-esteem and mapping the path to achieving your life purpose.

Problem solving

A trained Transformational Coach who has been to the lowest point and back in my own life. I have proved how living at cause (operating with personal power) can free us from the mental and emotional traps of life.

Online Coaching Program

Coaching is most effective in combination with weekly or fortnightly calls with clients either one on one or group. You will have time during the week to implement ways of thinking, as well as complete practical exercises before each call.

Consultancy & advicing

Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part friend, coaches work people helping them define and achieve their goals.

Problem solving

The trained life coach knows how to help you set the right goals, make more money, and structure your personal and professional life to achieve greater productivity with less effort.

Conferencing & talks

Coaching typically works best with a weekly call so clients have time to integrate ways of thinking, take action each week toward their goals.



Happiness comes when we feel in control of our destiny, (life is happening through us NOT to us).



Confidence is the necessary fuel for us to achieve our goals or objectives.



Optimistic people enjoy happier and healthier lives. Hope empowers us to keep going even when times seem dark.



Happiness, confidence and optimism build resilience. Pessimism stays flat but optimism bounces back.

My mission is to facilitate women who have had a breakdown because of stress or trauma, battling depression or anxiety; to reclaim their lives. I will help you build resistance and mental fortitude.
As an NLP Practitioner, registered with the American Board of Neurolinguistic Programming (ABNLP), I can mix this practice with my knowledge of other helping therapies. There are a lot of tools in my toolkit which I am ready to teach you how to use.
I share some of my personal experiences! You are not alone; others have been where you are now. I will give you the assistance you need to bounce back as I have.
My mission has been to make quality life coaching affordable and available to anyone who strives to live their ideal life. Part consultant, part motivational speaker, part therapist and part rent-a-friend, coaches work with managers, entrepreneurs, and just plain folks, helping them define and achieve their goals — career, personal, or most often, both.

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Online Transformational Coaching

Get the guidance and support you need to rebuild, reinforce and transform your life. If you want to live as your authentic self while attracting success and happiness, then these online coaching courses are for you.

Masterclass (Coming Soon!)Building Emotional & Mental Resilience

Find out about soaring above STIGMA, personal power, toxic environments, the conscious and subconscious mind and more.

PREMIUM PROGRAM (Coming Soon)Mindfulness, Meditation & CognitiveTherapy

Begin operating in the now, practice daily mindfulness, get a basic understanding of the cognitive process, complete insightful exercises and much more.

PREMIUM PROGRAM (Coming Soon!)Resilience

Resilience does not mean experiences cannot knock us down. It means that we do not stay down but always find a way to bounce back.

PREMIUM PROGRAMMindfulness Meditations and much more (Subscription Only)

Everyone Can Benefit from Mindfulness Meditation!

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Get the guidance, support and tools you need to transform your life. No need to spend years in therapy! Transformational Coaching brings rapid results as people begin operating from a place of personal freedom and power.